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Who We Are

Designing the buildings of tomorrow.................Sustainably

TDS Group was founded in 2019 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting agency focusing on delivering sustainable, timber and hybrid buildings internationally. We approach each of our projects with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique designs which are able to be manufactured by the international supply chain.  We specialize in being able to not only deliver a design which can be manufactured but also assist the project team with managing the timber procurement, costing process and then plan for construction to optimize efficiencies across the platform.

Executive Board

Herr Meyer.jpg

Daniel Meyer

Chairman of the Board

Dayne Photo.jpg

Dayne Davis

Managing Director

Ona Flindall.jpg

Ona Flindall

Director of Architecture & Design


Dr. Michael Klippel

Director of

Fire Engineering

Leadership Team


Dr. Flavio Wanninger

Associate Director - Engineering


Etienne Bouleau

Associate Director - Engineering


Vincent Lestang

Senior Engineer


Jørgen Tycho

Associate Director - Architecture & Modeling


Katrin Wilde-Sampaio

Associate Director - Architecture & Modeling


Nicklas Berg

Construction and Assembly Engineer

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