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Timber Design Studio

Where we can use sustainable building materials, we should be.

Welcome to TDS, a Consulting Firm that helps businesses  achieve unique goals of finding more sustainable ways of designing and constructing buildings. Our expert professionals will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made, practical solutions, for your projects.

For us, sustainability in load-bearing structures means not only the use of wood and the resulting savings in grey energy, but also the following important aspects:
- Robustness and long-life cycles
- Flexibility of use
- Structurally optimized load-bearing structures with efficient load transfer
- Prefabrication and simple deconstruction
- Consistent system separation (structure and building services)
This equilibrium of low-tech and high-tech drives us in all projects by combining timber construction with other materials where it leaves its structural sense. In this way, structures are created that meet all the requirements and represent a clear added value for the client.

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